La Racine Project & Co.

Luca Mauceri LA RACINE PROJECT - video presentation from Luca Mauceri on Vimeo.
“LA RACINE PROJECT" - video presentation

"La Racine" is an installation of variable sizes
constituted prevalently of an array of machines
and hand-made projectors. The projectors are made
using old wine boxes, mobile phone,
silicone tapes, and recycled engines of used household
appliance which give the work both an old/decadence
and technological appearance.
“La Racine” (the root) it's the attempt to create a visual bonds
between different way of expressions that could
be more or less obsolete, like for example analogical
projectors, first generations mobile phones,cameras,etc.
The leitmotif that connect all of these machines
is the root: not as an actual organic root,
but rather a metaphysical entity.
Since the essence of “La Racine” is to be a mutant project
all of the installations are supposed to be “enriched”
by the technical and cultural materials
of the place where they will be displayed.

The Roots, 2012, mixed media on paper cm: 180x120

"La Racine Project" in London 

exhibition flyer "La Racine" in ArtCave, Florence

"CipChildPlus" from Luca Mauceri on Vimeo.
"CipChildPlus" or "Studio per un angioletto tecno-analogico" it's a sort of video/video-presentation of a little project realized by GrignanoFarm Productions 2012 (Giacomo Bini, Luca Mauceri, Matteo Menduni ) and exhibited in ArtCave Studio in Florence, Italy. The machine is a self-built projector made with an old dia projector, an old digital camera and various recycled objects.

GrignanoFarm Production 2012
music by: Audio K "Mes Wc Dans Le Train"

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